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When meeting up with them on my first ever ride for Diabetes UK, their support from day one has been amazing for many good reasons. To hear that one of their directors, own child (was also Type 1 hit home to me, I've been lucky not to have it at such a very young age. 
E-Bikes Direct know what diabetes is all about and therefore offered their support in for my cycling events. They sponsor me with the latest gravel bike on their range to help me with my cycling events and are always around to support me along the way.
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About E-bikes Direct

Electric Bikes Direct is the biggest electric bike supplier in the UK! Their company has been built on an underpinning knowledge of the use and quality of different electric bikes brought about from staff with years of experience previously working within the electric bike industry. They have been outstanding sponsors supporting me and DiABETES UK behind the scenes from day one.
E-Bikes Direct

E-Bikes Direct 

E-Bikes Direct bike with Brian
This is one of the amazing bikes that E-Bikes Direct provided me with for any DiABETES UK events. This model is a Claud Butler Radical and you 
can check it out here: View Bike

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View their vast range of electric bikes, accessories & much more.
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