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When Brian from RL4 reached out to Magped looking for some safety pedals for his charity rides for the diabetes uk events called the (uk wide cycle ride ) he had never use anything like this before and was hoping they helped him when riding . Mageped was delighted to offer brian sponsorship & support for a very good course.
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About Magped

The Magped safety bike pedal is a true innovation for mountain bikes and e bikes. Our patented magnet mechanism makes quick and simple release of the foot from the pedal possible at any time. In comparison to standard click in pedals the risk of crash and injury will be reduced to a minimum – and your head stays free for a hassle-free biking experience without fear.

Therefore, our Magped magnet pedals are not equipped with a firm mechanical connection comparable to standard clipless pedals. The magnetic force is impacted by several factors e.g. magnet size, dirt, wear and direction of force applied. An unintended disconnection from the pedals is possible at any point of time.

Magped - Magnetic Pedal Products

Magped - Road

Riding 4 Lives Magped Road Magnetic Bike Pedal

Magped - Sport

Riding 4 Lives Magped Sport Magnetic Bike Pedal

Magped - Ultra

Riding 4 Lives Magped Ultra Magnetic Bike Pedal

Magped - Enduro

Riding 4 Lives Magped Enduro Magnetic Bike Pedal

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Take a look at their magical magnetic bike pedals.
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