what it all about?

Riding 4 lives began as a personal project that has flourished with the support of sponsors over the past year. My goal has been to build solid relationships with them, to enable me to hold events that raise money for charity.

My personal journey living with Type 1 diabetes, led me on a quest to help raise awareness, and support the charity that supports so many others like myself in the UK and across the world. 

Looking at me, you probably wouldn’t even know I was a diabetic. Diabetes is a hidden monster that only shows itself whenever you are no longer have control of it. However, even when you are in control, it still has an effect on your day to day life.

Cycling has become a great way for me to stay in control of my diabetes. As a keen newbie, it has definitely helped me, and over the past year I’ve seen some huge benefits from being part of the cycling world. It’s also provided me with a great opportunity to raise money and awareness for charity, as well as promote the sponsors that support us and enable us to do this along the way.

Our Sponsors